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FastDitch, Inc. is a minority owned and operated business based in New Mexico, which has developed an original open-channel flow system used for irrigation, aquaculture, water diversion, storm water control, and related uses. The company‚Äôs founders created a system of solutions for problems dealing with the conservation, conveyance, diversion and maintenance of critical and valuable water resources. The FASTDITCH™ system has been approved for use by US Government agencies under US Natural Resource and Conservation Service (NRCS) standard number 428B (Irrigation water conveyance ditch and canal lining, flexible membrane.) Incorporated in February of 1997, FastDitch, Inc. has been continuously testing and developing the FASTDITCH™ water management system in select U.S. markets.

Based on ten U.S. patents, 15 years of design development, four development cycles, and almost 100 major installations and feasibility studies, FASTDITCH™ offers a low maintenance water management system constructed primarily from high molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMHDPE). The FASTDITCH™ system is an inert and environmentally friendly solution relative to its alternatives and offers the best value for long- term use while conserving more than 90% of the valuable water resource for its intended use.

Finally, there's the FASTDITCH™ liner solution, an easily deployed, environmentally sound, long-lasting, economical water management solution.

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